Sunday, April 22, 2007

What is a Casino Host

A Casino Host is your personal Concierge to Las Vegas, they are specific to the Casino they work with, not all Casinos in Las Vegas offer the host program. If you are a notable guest, (you gamble at higher stakes than the average person) a Casino Hosts duty is to make sure that you are welcomed back to Las Vegas and their Casino with certain complimentary benefits which may include hotel rooms or upgrades, airfare, show tickets and meals at notable restaurants.

Table Game: This is defined as any casino game on a table that has at least one human dealer.

Table Ratings: Your average bet multiplied by the hours you spent playing at a table game.

Casino Credit: A form of loan issued by a Casino. This is based on your credit rating as well as bank account validations and other factors. Casino Credit can be purchased, dollar for dollar at the main cage at most casinos in Las Vegas. I highly recommend a purchased credit at amounts more than $5000, it's safe and your remaining funds are returnable before you depart.

High Rollers: Players whose table rating is way above the average player. High Rollers usually gamble in the thousands.

The higher your table rating, the more accommodating a Casino Host will be. A Casino Host's duty is to accommodate you for your current or next visit. When you leave Las Vegas, you might have received an invitation from a Casino, offering you complimentary stay at their hotel. These invitations are sent to specific guests who has met the table rating cap on the offer. These invitations are usually sent via the Host of the Casino.

If you have been assigned a Host - he or she approached you at the Casino to personally introduce themselves - this usually means, you have reached above average table ratings and a host is assigned to ensure the rest of your stay is comfortable.

All high rollers are assigned a host, in most cases, the rooms are complimentary as well as meals and any form of entertainment that is within the hosts capability.

A host is also responsible for assisting with transfers of large sums of money owed to the casino, or pre-paid credit prior to the visit.

Every casino in Las Vegas, offers a different host program. It's highly recommended that you contact your Casino Host prior to your visit to Las Vegas, and have him/her assist with any options that might be offered to you in advance.