Thursday, May 29, 2008

Michael's a Great Addition to Restaurant Offerings at South Point Casino

I'm always a skeptic when it comes to eating out at  steak houses in Las Vegas, especially when it's one away from the main Las Vegas Strip. After my visit to the Silverado Steakhouse at South Point, I was somewhat reluctant to give Michael's a shot - but after several months, I broke down and made reservations for the evening. 

Like many Steakhouses in Las Vegas, Michael's boasts a dark and dated decor in deep reds, high back chairs offered comfort and privacy - which is a great thing, as the tables and booths are intimately close to each other. Although the hotel recommends a casual dress code for Michael's, my guests and I felt quite uncomfortable in denim and tunics, I highly recommend a more business casual dress for the restaurant. 

The menu at Michael's ranged from the low $30's to near $200 for the Chateaubriand, we selected the Petite Filets which were $64 each, and opted for asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes as our sides. We were grateful for not over ordering, as immediately after our dinner order was taken, we were presented with a complimentary platter or assorted vegetables, fruit and cheese along with a very pleasant toasted pumpernickel and lavosh bread selection. If you are small eaters as were my guests and I, there is no need to order a salad or additional appetizers, this platter has enough variety for your entire party. 

Dinner was exceptional, the steaks were done very well and not a member of my party of 3 made any complaints as to the doneness of their filets. As we requested our check, our server explained that we should stay and enjoy some dessert, we explained that time was short, and he explained that as part of our dinner, chocolate covered fruit was to be served, within seconds, we were given a large bowl of fresh fruit and a platter of chocolate dipped fruit. We all decided, a few more minutes would be fine, as we each grabbed our favorites off the dessert platter. 

Our check finally arrived at $289 for 3 people, I was very happy to cover the costs and left a tip of $100 for an unforgettable evening.  We were all very impressed with Michael's and will soon return.

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