Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Mediterranean Palace in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas where restaurants are abundant, it's a difficult choice to make when wanting to dine out, today was no different. We decided to give The Kabob Palace a try, it was recommended to me awhile ago, but things happen and I just never got around to it.

When we entered the restaurant, I wasn't overwhelmed nor excited, in-fact I was a bit skeptical, after-all I've been to some the greatest Mediterranean Restaurants in town - how could this be any different? The restaurant decor was nothing outrageous or exotic, which was disappointing, it was more like a modern kitchen, a counter decorated in southwestern tile separated the grill from the main seating area, which offered just a few tables with more seating outside. We were greeted by a beautiful young Mediterranean girl who showed us to our table and took our drink orders. We then sat to look at the menu.

Getting through the menu at The Kabob Palace was an experience in itself. Everything sounded incredible, we could've ordered the fair, but we were only two people and we thought that might not be a great idea, so we settled and started with Grape Leaves, a Mediterranean Eggroll called the Cigar, and for main courses the Vegetable Kabobs and Boulgarian Kabobs.

We were first served the Grape Leaves and Cigar. The grape leaves, were authentic and a definite must addition to your order, full of flavor and perhaps the best I've had outside of a true Mediterranean Kitchen. The cigar was amazing as well - and the dipping sauce which had a hint of indian spices, was an excellent pairing for them. We were then served the traditional Grilled Pita Bread, this came alongside a cilantro and lime yogurt dip which again - was truly amazing.

The Vegetable Kabob came perfectly grilled, the Boulgarian Kabob overcooked, both had excellent flavor however and a welcome end to our lunch.

Overall, I give this restaurant a 4 star rating, and a return visit is definitely in the works.

The Kabob Palace
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