Monday, August 04, 2008

Saving Money in Las Vegas while on a Convention

  1. See a Las Vegas Show - From the Jersey Boys to Cirque du Soleil's "O", Las Vegas offers a plethora of entertainment to fill up a night while you're here on convention. I highly suggest waiting on purchasing your tickets until you have checked into your hotel room. Las Vegas Casinos are often generous with Complimentary Tickets for gamers, you can also find 1/2 off Ticket shops throughout the Las Vegas Strip.
  2. If you're a golfer, book your Las Vegas Golf Packages early -   I can't stress enough, how often people make the mistake of waiting until they get here to book their golf rounds. If you're a high-roller, and want to put in some rounds, check with your Casino Host in advance! Golf courses in Las Vegas are quite popular during the Fall and Spring, failing to notify them in advance can end up in bad tee-times. I also recommend using a service such as Las Vegas Golf Adventures, These guys are very well known in their industry, and have always provided the best golf packages to Las Vegas - check out their golf packages page if you don't believe me! Some of these are too incredible to believe!
  3. The Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio - If FREE is a word you love, then a visit to the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio is a fantastic idea. 
  4. Join the Club! - If there is anything you need to do, it's joining the Casino Card Club, these clubs offers a way for you to be rated, and determines your comp level - if you play enough, you can earn, free meals, movies, shows, rooms etc... The best card club in Las Vegas is the Club Card at Green Valley Ranch, here you can turn your points into gaming money and depending on your rating, you can earn some incredible complimentary meals. 
  5. Stay off-Strip - The Hotel and Casino's off the Strip offer incredible savings. Look into, Green Valley Ranch Resort, South Point and the Rio!
  6. Book early if you have a large group! Although room rates have dropped, occupancy levels are still high! So make sure you contact your choice of hotel early for large groups (4 or more rooms)! This will ensure you have your rooms at the great low price advertised!

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