Monday, May 09, 2011

TPC Las Vegas - Play Where the Pro's Play

TPC Las Vegas is perhaps one of my favorite golf courses in Las Vegas, if you haven't had the chance to play this course - you're missing out on some of the most amazing golf you'll ever get to play. You first have the guarantee by TPC - that this golf course TPC Las Vegas will always be in it's best condition - in addition, you're teeing off on the very same grounds walked by some of the biggest names in Golf like Tiger Woods to name one.

TPC Las Vegas is recognized as one of Las Vegas' top golf courses, it's almost synonymous with anything associated to golf in Las Vegas. Major fund raising events such as those put on by Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods are held at this golf course, and there's no reason not to - the course is simply amazing, take the island tee for hole #2 as an example - this is perhaps one of the more challenging holes on the course, at first glance one might feel intimidated however this is quickly washed over with pride that you are taking on a golf course played by many of America's favorites.

Overall, if you're planning to golf in Las Vegas - I encourage you to not bypass TPC Las Vegas, this course has earned it's very right to be one of Las Vegas' must play courses for any golfer amateur to professional - TPC Las Vegas delivers a game that's satisfying and worth every penny.

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