Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Best Ways to Save Money On a Trip to Las Vegas

Shop those Hotel Rooms Online

The rising costs of gas doesn't mean you need to bow out of a visit to Las Vegas. In fact, it's perhaps your best opportunity to visit the famed city. Right now, the prices on hotel rooms have dropped significantly - with that in mind, you have many options to make up for the costs of gas. Take the MGM Grand for example, this hotel is normally reserved from the mid 100's to 400's depending on your choice of room, right now - savvy shoppers are able to find rooms at the MGM, Hard Rock, The Mirage, Planet Hollywood and even more Las Vegas hotels for under $100 a night - some might even score bigger savings such as the Palace Stations offering rooms at $19.99. I advise that you shop online for any and all rates before booking your hotel, it's your dollar, and every hotel in Las Vegas recognizes the value of your visit a lot more than they have in the past - so shake it up and do some shopping before you book.

One particular website to utilize when shopping online is, utilize their forums, check out how others have found incredible deals. Call the hotels direct for any specials you might have missed, look into and by all means get them to make you a deal.

Gamblers Should Never Be Charged for a Meal

If you are like most visitors to Las Vegas, you are looking for some fast gaming action with hope that you can turn that extra cash into some fast money. Here's a tip for you, if you are gambling at any casino in Las Vegas, make sure that you check the Pitt for any comps you might have earned during your gaming time. Most casinos offer a buffet, with price ranges from $5.95 to $31 a head! With the average table game at $15 a hand in Las Vegas, you're sure to be surprised at how quickly the staff is willing to host you at the house buffet. You'll never know until you ask!

Of course, you shouldn't expect everything comp'd unless you're in there betting big - for me, I never pay a dime for a meal at a casino I play at. Mostly because I play at $50-$200 a hand, earning me a rating where all my meals and rooms are complimentary.

Join The Club

No matter what hotel or casino you choose to play at, make sure that you apply to be a member of the house club. The clubs usually offer a card with free play attached to it, this ranges anywhere from $3 to $500 and even more, depending on the Casino. There's no fee to enter, but what this does, is allows the hotel to record your play throughout your stay, at the end of your stay, depending on your play average, you may qualify for additional comps such as your room stay at no charge, future invitations that include free rooms and many other offers.

Stay away from Taxis

Taxi rates are increasing due to the cost of gas, so if you can avoid them, do so. If you are staying on the strip, there is absolutely no reason to utilize taxi services if you can help it. The Mono-Rail is a much cheaper option, and the Deuce is as well. Most casino's offer shuttle services to sister properties - take advantage of this! If you plan to stay at the Rio or the Palms, both these casinos are off-strip, but both do offer a free Shuttle service to the Strip - use them!

Take Advantage of Package Offers

I enjoy golfing, and there are many great golf courses in Las Vegas to choose from. Price shop and you'll be surprised at what you might find. I ran a search this morning, and found a great deal for this winter, the top 3 golf courses in Las Vegas for just $599 with my hotel rooms free - the offer comes out of Las Vegas Golf Adventures! Now I know those rates are just amazing, especially for the dates the package is good for, you're talking about 3 Amazing golf courses which usually rate at $200-$400 a round at an incredible deal, plus I can stay at Harrah's which is right on the strip FOR FREE! They did all the work for me! Fantastic!

There are many ways to save on your trip to Las Vegas, my advice is to shop online before you make your final decision. After all, it's your money, and the hotels in Las Vegas are very aware of the value of your dollar, everyone's willing to take that extra step to insure you have an enjoyable visit to Las Vegas.

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