Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

Growing up in an abusive environment, left many scars that I still struggle through today. Looking back, I can't recall what exactly I had done, or what had influenced me to move past the emotional setbacks that was sure to dictate my life. What I do recall is the hatred I had harbored, the fear and the distaste for authority, but at some point, I put that all behind me and grew into a confident and independent woman living in one of the most popular cities in the world. 

For years, I have contemplated leaving behind a legacy, one that will make an impact in the world and it was always centered around our youth. I have not given up on this goal, and will do everything I can to build my legacy - a home for youth on the run. This morning, while watching the news, I was excited to learn of a such a program right here in Las Vegas. 

The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth offers a safe haven for children under the age of 18, complete with a library, sleeping accommodations, food and computer center. I have decided that any and all efforts I make from this point forward will go toward my legacy as well as supporting the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. 

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